10 Last-Minute Tasks for Organised Brides

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Here at Elegance of Elena, we recently supplied you with a handy list of things you definitely shouldn’t do as your big day draws closer. Now, in the interests of balance, of yin and yang, here’s a list of ten things a bride SHOULD do in the week before her wedding, starting with…

Undergo Those Final Beauty Treatments

Even if you never go out and pay for them, the week before your wedding is the time to give yourself permission to have all the beauty treatments you need! That isn’t to say you should go wild and completely change up your makeup, because it isn’t – we dealt with that particular no-no in another blog. We’re thinking more of manicures, pedicures, eyelash and hair extensions – things that can only be done in that crucial final week.

Collect Your Finished Wedding Dress

You probably chose and paid for it about a year ago, and the ensuing months have been spent having fitting after fitting and giving it alteration upon alteration, so now, with just a few days to go, is the time to go and collect your wedding dress from your dressmaker.

We’d suggest taking your best friend along with you, just for that bit of moral support and, if the dress is quite heavy, some physical support, carrying it back to the car! After all, you can’t take your loving groom-to-be with you, as he’s not meant to be within 30 feet of it until the big day, right?

Finalise Your Table Plan

Hopefully, all your RSVPs will have répondez s'il vous plait-ed by the week before your wedding. If not, you can either assume they won’t be attending or you can contact them to ask. Once you have your final, final list of guests, you can then make any last-minute changes to where they’ll all be seated on the day. Undertaking this task very shortly before your wedding is the best thing to do, as people will probably change their plans in the run-up to it.

Walk About in Your Wedding Shoes

They may look the absolute business, but if the beautiful wedding shoes you've so carefully chosen aren't broken in for a significant length of time, they won’t feel the absolute business, they’ll feel like hell with heels! Wait until you’re safely alone and then pop them on for a couple of hours here and there, perhaps when you’re ironing and you need to walk up and down the stairs a few times.

Suppleness is definitely the order of the (wedding) day, so here’s a way to make your shoes supple in a short space of time:

  1. Put on some hiking or walking socks, the thicker the better.
  2. Blast one of your wedding shoes with the hair dryer for around a minute, until warmed and softened.
  3. Put the shoe on.
  4. Repeat with the other shoe.
  5. Walk around your home at least until your shoes have had time to cool off. Even if they hurt a little, the longer you can wear them the better they’ll feel on the day.

Make Sure Everybody Understands Their Big Day Duties

Members of your wedding party you’ll probably need to contact are your Mother and Father, especially if one of them are walking you down the aisle, your bridesmaids and flower girls (or flower girls’ Mum’s if they’re only little). Depending upon how organised your intended is, you may need to get in touch with his best man and groomsmen or ushers, too. Think of it as a military operation, and you’re the sergeant major who’s in charge of the whole campaign…possibly.

Go Perfume Shopping

Obviously, you’re going to look like a million dollars on your special day; that goes without saying. But, how will you smell? Well, you don’t want to smell like a million dollars because that would be weird. What you do want to smell like is utterly, mouth-wateringly gorgeous, so head off for the shops in that final week and pick out something expensive that will make you feel fabulous! It’s a light and pleasant task that will hopefully relax you and calm those last-minute nerves, so it’s absolutely justified.

Give Your Photographer a Final Briefing

Wedding photographers are often absolute fonts of wisdom, as they’ve seen (and taken pictures of) it all before! If they’re local, they’ll probably have done weddings at your venue before, too, so use their knowledge and pick their brains on any quirks of the venue they think you need to know. This final consultation with them is really essential, as you’ll be able to go over any special shots you’d like or they suggest with the venue in mind. 

Pay Those Final Instalments

This is a task that you definitely need to have sorted during the final week, but before your wedding day. It’s awful to have big payments hanging over you, but some things, like the caterer, suppliers and venue often can’t really be paid until the last minute. Write down everyone you need to pay and by when and get that onerous final instalments done and dusted!

Buy Gifts for Your Wedding Party

If you’re giving gifts to any or all the people in your wedding party, and not all couples do, the week of your wedding is a great time to carry this out. It’s a enjoyable and relaxing job that will be made much easier if you’ve already drawn up a list, but if you haven’t and you’re in a rush, the sheer randomness of the gifts will probably be a lot of fun!

Finish Writing Your Wedding Vows

If you’re having a humanist ceremony or you’re simply creating your own, you’ve probably been working on your vows for absolutely ages. Now, in the week of your actual wedding, it’s time to be putting the finishing flourishes to them. And, let’s face it, even if they’re not perfect or you do happen to fluff them slightly, your husband-to-be will still love them because you’ve written them; they’re a part of you, direct from your heart. 

We’re Here to Help!

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