10 Non - Traditional Ways to Walk Down the Aisle

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Marriage is a very traditional institution and the marriage ceremony can seem overbearingly steeped in tradition and ritual, especially ito modern, forward-thinking couples. That’s not to say that we should abandon or throw out all the traditions surrounding the ceremony, but we could reinterpret them for the 21st century without causing too much of a hullabaloo, surely?

So, with this in mind, we at Elegance of Elena put on our thinking caps and came up with a list of 10 none-traditional ways for brides to make the journey down the aisle:

With Mum

If you and your mum are particularly close or if your dad’s no longer around, you could ask her to accompany you down the aisle. By asking your mum to escort you, you will be expressing gratitude and love to her for everything she’s done in your life up to this moment, and the amazing influence she’s had on you. Even if she doesn't want to "do the honours" it's fairly safe to say she'll feel hugely honoured just to be asked!

With Both Parents

In days of yore, it was traditional for the bride’s father to accompany his dear daughter down the aisle. Back then, this was primarily to ensure that the groom didn’t get cold feet and run a mile at the crucial moment Well, it's to be hoped that society’s a little more enlightened and a little less patriarchal these days, so why not ask both parents…to ensure your man doesn’t get cold feet and run a mile at the crucial moment?

When brides have chosen this option in the past, they’ve had their father to the right and mother on the left, but you could always buck tradition and do the exact opposite as a touching way to include both your parents in your wedding ceremony.

With an Uncle, Uncles or an Auntie

Part of the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony saw the bride’s uncle on her mother’s side accompanying his niece down the aisle. Sometimes in that religion, she’s even carried into the service by her uncles on a small, decorated carriage called a "doli".

You really don't have to go to all that trouble, but asking your favourite uncle or auntie or both to accompany you, will be seen as a wonderful gesture in any culture!

With Your Grandma or Granddad

If you’re lucky enough to have your grandparents still around, we think it would be absolutely fantastic for all concerned if you asked either of them to escort you on your final journey as a single person!

After all, they’ve known you all your life and even knew you before you were born (it could be argued), so why not show how much you love them by asking them to do this for you? We're certain they'd be incredibly honoured!

With Your Best Friend

Let’s face it, you love your BFF as if they were family, so it isn’t a massive stretch to consider them for the job of walking you down the aisle. It's to be hoped that your best friend is always there for you when things go wrong, and that you can always count on them to have your back in a sticky situation, so why wouldn’t you ask your very best friend to walk with you into happiness?

With Your Dog or Cat…or Hamster?

They’re supposed to be man’s best friend, but who’s to say they’re not woman’s best friend, or indeed capable of walking woman down the aisle? After all, your pet is going to be a big part of both your lives from hereon in, so it seems logical that they’d be a big part of your wedding ceremony, too! Just make sure your dress has a little secret pocket for treats and, erm, poo bags. Well you never know, do you?

With Your Father and Stepfather

A great many brides feel that their stepfather is just as important to them as is their bio-daddy, so it would be an amazing gesture if you were to invite both of your life’s father-figures to accompany you to the altar. If they’re not on the best of terms, asking them both to undertake this privileged role may just be the thing that brings them together, especially as they’ll both want the very best for you, their wonderful daughter and step-daughter!

To a Non-Traditional Piece of Music

Traditionally, well, for the last 150 or so years anyway, blushing brides have walked down the aisle to the strains of Mendelssohn's Wedding March. It’s certainly a beautiful, rousing and immediately recognisable piece of music, but modern brides may wish to undertake that brief but incredibly important walk to something of their own choosing.

For example, we at Elegance of Elena know of one bride who walked that walk to the accompaniment of Where is My Mind? – a piano version of the classic Pixies tune! You can choose that beautiful tune or another from the many hundreds you’ll find on YouTube or Spotify.

With Your Stepfather

A great many brides have been accompanied down the aisle by their stepfather, especially if they have a very close father and daughter-like relationship. So, if your stepfather is and has long been your primary father-figure, you’re probably going to want it to be he that does the honours on this most special of occasions. He will also love it, as it will affirm the father-daughter relationship in his heart forever.

On Your Own

In these modern times, in a ceremony involving modern people like you and your groom, who is to say that you even need someone to walk down the aisle at your side?

In these modern times, millions of women have survived for years without a partner or another relative assisting them every step of the way, so highlight the fact that you’re an autonomous, self-reliant woman and walk down that aisle alone, with your head held high. It shows that you don’t need another person in your life, but you want the person who’s standing, waiting at the end of the aisle, and they will be very glad that you do!

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