Choosing the Perfect Perfume for Your Wedding Day

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It’s the biggest, most important day of your entire life, and your dress, hair, make-up, shoes and even your veil all look absolutely perfect – you may look like a million dollars, but you don’t necessarily want to smell like a million dollars as well, do you?

With that thought firmly in mind, we’ve created this handy little guide that will hopefully help brides like you decide which scent to wear on their big day, so ask yourself…

What Kind of Perfume’s Best for a Wedding?

Generally speaking, for a wedding, it’s a good idea to go for a very light, floral scent that’s quite natural and not too overpowering. If you’re choosing a fragrance that’s completely new to you, opt for single floral notes such as carnation, rose or violet, perhaps with notes of something zesty and zingy like lemon or orange, too.

Many soon-to-be-brides do choose a completely new scent to wear on their wedding day. The simple reason for this is that it will remind them of or transport them back to the happiest day of their life when they smell it again in years to come. Smell is the most powerful and evocative of all our five senses, so it seems only natural to choose a fragrance that’s totally unique and has the ability to evoke all the feelings and emotions they experienced on that perfect day.

Actually, there are absolutely loads of factors you could use to choose your wedding day perfume. Here are just a few:

  • Keep the new perfume for your wedding day alone. As we said earlier, many brides now take this course of action in order to have a powerful reminder of the happiest day of their lives.
  • You may opt for a tried-and-tested scent you’ve worn before. There is something to be said about not doing or trying anything too drastic just before your big day. In fact, we have another blog which deals with that very issue!
  • Go with the fragrance you wear every day. Similar to the point above, sometimes it’s wise to stick to the devil you know, especially on such a crucial occasion.
  • You might choose the fragrance your partner loves on you. This option will be absolutely fantastic if you kept it a closely-guarded secret until the moment you walk down the aisle and say those immortal words!
  • Go for the scent you wore on your first date. A definite maybe for all the terminally romantic brides out there, this will certainly strike a chord with your intended…provided they realise, that is!
  • Or on the day of the proposal. Again, partners with a keen sense of smell, combined with a great memory for important dates, will completely melt when they realise the significance of your perfume!

Now we’ve covered the reasoning behind your choice of wedding day fragrances, we can move on to some things to have in mind when choosing the perfume itself, so here are one or two:

Smell Like You

When selecting your make-up for the big day with your make-up artist, it’s wise to opt for a style that will enhance your best features as opposed to defining them. You still want to look like you when you walk down the aisle, right? Well, the principle is very much the same for your choice of perfume. Just because it’s your wedding, it doesn’t mean your scent should be radically different. Make sure you still smell like you because you’re the one your partner’s marrying, not an idealised version of you!

Consider Your Own Personal Style

Being true to yourself is extremely important both when you’re getting married and in your future married life, so think about your personal style when choosing a perfume. For example, if your style of dress is understated and subtle, go for the minimalistic scent of citrus. If the wedding dress you’ve chosen is classical and princess-like, search for a pretty floral fragrance.

On the other hand, if the dress for your big day is flamboyant and a little bit daring, you’ll be drawn to woody perfumes with notes such as sandalwood and vetiver. Fashionable, adventurous ladies with an on-trend wedding dress will be suited to musky scents like warm amber and vanilla. The style of wedding dress you’ve chosen can say a lot about your personality, so base your perfume on that and you won’t go far wrong.

Go with the Season

When you’re choosing wedding perfume, it’s a good idea to think about the season in which your wedding is taking place. So, here’s our rule-of-thumb recommendations for the type of perfume that goes with each season:

Spring and Summer Weddings – Weddings scheduled from about March until about August, we'd recommend a light, floral scent that's reminiscent of a bouquet, such as Bright Crystal by Versace or Marc Jacobs’ Daisy.

Autumn and Winter Weddings – For weddings taking place from around September through February, your perfume can be a heavier, woody scent or a musk such as White Suede from Tom Ford or Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Dear Polly.

Do a Skin Test

We’ve all done it – bought a perfume based entirely on a spritz in a store, only to get it home to discover that is smells completely different after an hour or two on our wrist. This happens because perfume reacts to the oils in our skin which alters its chemical makeup and therefore its aroma. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly test your chosen scent on your skin and on different parts of your skin well before your wedding day.

Go Easy on the Testers!

It’s very tempting, when you’re shopping for perfume, to go completely mad and test every single one in the store on your poor, beleaguered wrist! Like when you mix too many different shades of paint together, it ends up a horrible muddy brown colour; it’s much the same when you mingle too many scents together on the same patch of skin – a “brown” aroma!

Our advice is to just try one or two and then go for a little walk around to allow them to “relax” and become what they will. Provided your wedding isn’t tomorrow, you even have time to return to the store at a later date to try a few more. Take your time and find the one that’s right for you.

A Final Snippet

If it’s available, you should try to purchase your chosen perfume as part of a gift set which incorporates a similarly scented moisturiser. Your perfume will be longer lasting if you apply the moisturiser first, allow it to dry and then spray on your perfume.

Another great tip is to ask one of your team of bridesmaids to hold your perfume for you throughout the day, thereby enabling you to top it up whenever you feel it necessary!

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