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Choosing a colour scheme for the biggest day of your life can be a little tricky! You just want everything to be just as you’ve imagined it for, ooh, the last decade! Fortunately, we've done the research for you, so let’s get cracking and get those wedding day colours sorted!

Think About Your Own Complexion

Certain colours work much better with certain skin tones, so it’s always a good idea to opt for a colour that is going to compliment your complexion. On your special day, you don’t want to look wan and washed-out, you want to look vibrant and radiant as you walk down the aisle. You certainly don’t want to choose and colours that will highlight any of your skin’s negative undertones of your skin because we all know there are certain colours that just don’t suit us, just as there are those that make us look amazing.

It’s likely that your bridesmaids will be mirroring the colours of your wedding theme in their dresses, so although you may not be wearing those exact ones, it’s important to keep your complexion at the forefront of your mind when making your choice.

Consider Seasonal Colours

The natural world at the time of your wedding can give you some fantastic inspiration for a colour scheme. If you’re getting married in the autumnal months, maybe include some earthy reds, oranges and gold to bring your scheme to life, and springtime weddings will look wonderful decked out in pastels and neutral colours like cream, brown and beige.

Some gorgeous colours to incorporate into your winter wedding scheme are emerald green, deep reds and burgundies, along with cool blues. Think of a winter scene complete with shimmering snow, as wintery white and silver will also complement one another. In contrast, warm golden and yellow colours look fabulous during the summer months, as well as bright, eye-catching pinks and bright, light blues.

Research is a Good Thing!

If you have certain colours in your mind to use for your wedding, search the internet and magazines for images of other peoples’ weddings with similar colour combos. That way, you’ll be able to see how they look before diving in yourself. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest are brilliant for finding images like this, but there’s always good old Google Images, too.

Choose Colours that Get Along

To find out which colours complement one another, take a look at a colour wheel. It’s a good idea to pick one dominant colour and a less dominant one to offset or complement it; maybe a warm and a cool, with the main colour being quite bold and striking, while the other may be more neutral and “backgroundy” (if that makes sense?)

Going for two very bold colours like fuchsia and teal may be a bit of an assault on the eyes and won’t look so great in photographs. If you’re using soft, muted colours like beige, biscuit or cream taupe, think about chucking in a bolder colour such as maroon or aqua to make the scheme pop and stop it looking wishy-washy or too plain.

Consider Your Wedding Venue

An important factor to consider when deciding on your colour palette is the wedding venue itself. It’s important to ensure that you don’t finalise your colour scheme until after you’ve booked the venue. Why? Well, the venue’s interior may boast a really busily patterned carpet or wall coverings that could clash horribly with certain colours.

You don’t have to match your colour scheme precisely with that of the venue, but just ensure that the two schemes are at least vaguely harmonious and not terrorising your optic nerves!

For example, if you’re getting married at a venue by the seaside, soft fern green and Persian blue might be the order of the day, whereas a wedding in a rustic barn conversion, black and yellow may not be quite as fitting as, perhaps, rosewood, blush and, say, granola.

Get the Vibe Just Right

Colours definitely exude a certain energy, especially when there are a number all working in harmony. When deciding upon your wedding colour scheme, think about the feeling you’d like all your guests to experience throughout your big day. Also, remember that your wedding isn’t just any old party, but an event that’s incredibly important, with a sense of gravitas and seriousness underpinning the entire day.

Consequently, your colour scheme should highlight this, so you might want to avoid colours like fluorescent pink or lime green that would be more suited to a children’s party than a wedding. Of course, like everything else that we advise on here at Elegance of Elena, the finer details are yourself and your other half’s to decide, so choose the colours that make you both happy.

Textures Are Important Too!

Incorporating wonderful textures such as hessian and jute, velvet, or sequins into your wedding décor is a brilliant way to add something extra special to the day. These textures, when used in details like chair backs or table coverings, will complement your wedding colour scheme beautifully. They will also bring both charm and individuality to the décor if you’re employing mostly neutral colours.

And, why not fashion some beautiful burlap candle holders, glamorous gold sequinned tablecloths or vivacious velvet ribbons for napkin holders to add to the day’s uniqueness?

Be Inspirational!

It’s always best to choose colours that truly inspire you, so if roses are your favourite flowers, take colour inspiration from them - use dusky pinks and vibrant reds as the basis for you wedding colour palette.

Or, use a colour that’s always been one of your all-time favourites. It’s your day, so don’t allow anyone else to dictate your colour scheme if their idea’s not something your 100% happy with. Your wedding is the one day that’s all about you and the things and people you love, so make sure you have a colour combination that makes you happy and, above all, stick to your guns.

Don’t Go Completely Colour-Crazy!

Don’t worry if everything isn’t perfectly matched with everything else. If it is, the spark of spontaneity can be lost and the whole thing can begin to seem too contrived and a bit sterile.

It isn’t imperative that you incorporate your wedding colour palette into absolutely everything like each tier of the cake or in the ribbons of the chair backs, the bridesmaids’ hair and the groomsmens' ties...if they're wearing ties! Again, this can all be too much of a good thing and look a little like a robot has designed your day as opposed to you, a human being!

There have to be at least a few un-colour-coded aspects to your day, so take it easy and just go with the flow…to a certain extent. You’ll be glad you relaxed and just had a happy, colourful wedding day!

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