Could artificial flowers be right for your wedding?

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Could artificial flowers be right for your wedding?


If you think fake flowers are tacky, think again. Today’s artificial flowers look better than ever and can be a much better and sometimes cheaper alternative. 


Now just to make ourselves clear we’re not telling you to fill your wedding venue with plastic blooms from the pound shop (no offence); we’re referring to artificial silk flowers, but before you go cutting up your silk pyjamas to make flowers, these artificial blooms are not actually made of silk, they’re made from plastic, polyester, and other high quality, man-made materials.


Still interested? Well here are a few reasons why silk flowers could just be a faux-bulous choice for your wedding day.


Blooming gorgeous


Planned for peonies but got a winter wedding in mind? Sure, you can still get them…but it’ll cost you! With silk flowers, you can choose any flower in every colour under the rainbow - literally! Happy blooms, happy bride! 




A biggie for the eco-conscious couples out there. Real flowers are not cheap and after your big day, they’re tossed out when the party’s over. If this doesn’t sit well with you, now is the time to consider silk flowers. These permanent beauties can be saved, used in your home after the big day or even given to your guests as gifts.



Think that fake flowers are cheap? Au contraire! In most cases, high-quality silk flowers are just as pricey as real flowers but for budget-savvy brides, depending on where you buy flowers from and how ‘flower fussy’ you are, there’s a good chance you could save some cash when choosing faux blooms. 


So fresh and so clean 


You may splash out on those roses and ranunculus but let’s face it, flowers aren’t always the most reliable and before they even get to your venue they’ve probably shed some of their petals. Silk flowers? Well, they always look fresh and can be manipulated to bend, twist and turn any which way you want. They’ll look as good as new from the moment your first guest walks in until your last ones stagger out.  


Unscented beauties


Sure they may not give off a waft but that could be a good thing especially if some of your guests have allergies. Nobody wants to hear a barrage of sniffing and sneezing during the ceremony.


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