Do I Really Need to Wear a Wedding Garter?

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Lady putting on wedding garter

History of the Wedding Garter

There’s a long-standing tradition for a bride to wear a garter at her wedding. Supposedly symbolic of her “deflowering” (come on, you know what that means!), the garter is removed from her person at the end of the reception, by her groom.

Back in the Middle Ages, the tradition was for the groomsmen to rush the bride and take her garter as a prize. However, we'd imagine that this led to too many fights (and even deaths!), so it was toned down and now it's just the groom who gets it...the lucky devil!

Did You Know?

Did you know that the groom can use either his hands or his teeth to remove the aforementioned article, following which, it’s traditional for him to toss it in the general direction of the unmarried male guests? That’s right, this occurs after the bride has tossed her bouquet over her shoulder at the unwed female guests.

Similar to the superstition which decrees that the lady catching the bouquet will be the next one wed, the man who catches the garter will be next in the queue for a bride. Sometimes, the tradition is taken one step further, with the man who caught the garter placing it on the leg of the lady who nabbed the bouquet. Traditionally, the two lucky recipients are obliged to share the next dance, which is symbolic of…oh, you know!

The Choice is Yours!

So, if you’re a bride wondering if you really must wear a garter, the answer is no. Like everything else in the vast sea of wedding traditions and accessories, the choice to wear a garter or not is yours and yours alone to make.

The happy couple's legs and feet


Here at Elegance of Elena, we believe that wearing a garter could be a deliciously sexy secret between yourself and your groom; something beneath your gown that only you and he are privy to. This could make you feel even more of a blushing bride, and you’ll know that you’re upholding a tradition which dates back hundreds of years. 

If the thought of your man using his teeth to “deflower” you, in front of everybody you know, fills you with complete and utter horror and dread, just don’t do it.

As You Like It!

Some people don’t go in for traditions like the first dance, so likewise, you could skip the part where you publicly have your garter removed and just leave it where it is – around your leg! That way, you and your groom will have something special and intimate to look forward to later in the evening. It's your wedding, so do it exactly as you like it!

If you do decide to go through the public removal ceremony, you could always invest in something called a “toss garter”. This will act as a kind of “stunt double” for the real garter, ensuring that it remains undamaged and in good shape to be a special reminder of your nuptials for the rest of your lives.

You never know, you might even discover a beautifully packaged garter amongst the goodies if and when you invest in the Elegance of Elena Monthly Subscription Box!

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