How Many Groomsmen Do I Need?

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The question about the number of groomsmen to invite to your wedding is almost as frequently asked as the one that queries the correct number of bridesmaids!

Actually, the title “Groomsman” is an Americanism that’s become a part of the British vernacular only quite recently. Here in the UK, they’ve traditionally been known as Ushers, being the male attendants of the groom at their wedding ceremony. Anyway, we’ll stick with groomsmen for the remainder of this blog because we’re so cosmopolitan here at Elegance of Elena!

Must I Have Groomsmen?

Deciding on the number of groomsmen you’ll invite to be part of your wedding party is something you may believe you have to do. However, we firmly believe that the groomsmen question speaks more about the strength and nature of your personal relationships than choosing the right number to have at your wedding. The reality is, you don’t actually need to have any groomsmen at all, if that’s what you want.

But weddings are, to a greater or lesser extent, about sharing one of your life’s most emotional and significant events with as many of the people you love as possible, and for the groom, that obviously means his groomsmen.

To reiterate, you don’t need to have any, but if you want at least some groomsmen, it can be useful to know the number that others typically have. Having this knowledge may help you pare down your list if it’s beginning to get a bit out of hand. So, if you need a little help to shorten the long list, read on.


Here’s another note on language, because while “groomsmen” is the most commonly-used term for the groom’s wedding attendants, we believe in equality in all things. Therefore, we think it’s perfectly acceptable to call them groomspeople, especially if the groom wants to ask some of his female friends to step in and help. Then again, would the bride’s male friends like to be bridesmaids, or bridespeople? The jury’s currently out on that one!

Deciding upon the number of groomsmen is never going to be easy, so if you’re worried you might hurt someone’s feelings by not asking them, remember that most of your friends will be happy just to be invited to your big day! That’s right, they’ll be chuffed to bits to be sharing such a joyous occasion with you, so prioritise yourself and don’t get too stressed out about it.

Research Shows:

According to research, the typical number of groomsmen is either six OR one for every fifty guests, so it’s really an inexact science! Given the nature of their role, larger weddings will require a greater number and vice versa. So, if knowing how many groomsmen others have helps you rationalise the size of your crew, that’s fantastic, but don’t forget that each wedding is unique because each couple is unique.

Rather than fixating upon what number of groomsmen is usual or normal, we’d advise you to choose yours based on who you’re truly closest to. That way, you can’t go far wrong. And, remember, the more groomsmen and bridesmaids you have, the more thank you gifts you'll need to buy after the big day's over!

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