How to Choose the Perfect Veil for Your Big Day

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If your thoughts have begun to turn to choosing a veil to wear on your wedding day, it probably means that it's coming up fast, so advance CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at Elegance of Elena!

Like virtually every other choice you’ve made or will need to make about your wedding, choosing a veil can seem somewhat overwhelming. But the good news is that millions of brides before you have made the exact same choice, so take heart from the fact that you can use the experience of ages in your choice!

So, we’ve compiled a little list of things you’ll need to consider when choosing your veil:

Think About the Style of Your Wedding Dress

Your choice of veil can have a major effect on the general aesthetic of your wedding dress, so think about the style of dress you'll be wearing. For instance, a cap veil will instantly give you quite a bohemian or “boho” look, if that’s what you’re after, while a very simple, single-tier veil worn to the back of your head can help make an already on-trend dress appear even more classic and formal.

In the general melee and excitement of wedding planning, it’s often easy to get caught up in the momentum and lose your way. Take a breath and a step back, and bring yourself back to the vision you had when you began the whole process.

Think again about how your veil could align and harmonise with other elements of the wedding, such as your wedding dress, your groom’s outfit, the wedding colour scheme, the venue you’ve chosen and even the shoes you'll be wearing on the big day because you'll know if something is out of synch and it will bother you, probably when you're walking down the aisle!

How Will it Gel with Your Hair?

You have to remember that not all veils work well in combination with every hairstyle. On your wedding day, you’ll most probably feel the need to de-veil shortly after the ceremony, but your hairstyle’s gonna be with you all day and all of the night.

So, for that reason, and due to the fact that we ladies can be quite demanding and specific about which hairstyle suits us best, we suggest that you decide first on the hairdo and then on a veil to go with it – make sense?

We know this stuff ain’t brain surgery, but it’s definitely worth thinking about before you splash the cash either online or in your local bridal shop.

So ladies, repeat after me: A cap veil must be work with the hair down, a birdcage veil should really only ever be worn with it up and a a mantilla veil that frames the face definitely isn’t meant to be paired with a high ballerina bun.

Consider the Shape of Your Dress

It’s important for everything to be balanced as far as dress and veil are concerned. If you’ve chosen to wear a gown with some volume, maybe boasting a trumpet flair of the skirts, billowing sleeves and ruffles or a princess style A-line, stick with the age-old idiom of “Less is More” for your veil! You certainly don’t want to go for a double-tier veil; instead, opt for a single-tier or drop veil, perhaps made from English net or even silk so as to be less voluminous.

Think also about your neckline. For example, if you’re going to wear a high neckline, a mantilla veil framing your face may leave you looking like an armed robber in a balaclava. On the other hand, if your dress is strapless or quite low-cut, a blusher wedding veil can give you a mysterious, somewhat regal look that’s really stunning.

Take Your Body Shape into Consideration

If you’re quite a petite person, a low volume, mid-length veil will ensure that you have a mature look and you’re not playing at dressing up.

For tall, statuesque brides, veils that sit to the back of the head, or completely cover the face and shoulders are recommended, as opposed to Juliet or Mantilla veils, which can focus the eye upwards and make already tall ladies seem even taller.

And, if you’re going to be a buxom bride, more voluminous veils can look fantastic on you, so think about going for a double-tier or a cap veil for the big day.

Go With What You Know

At the end of the day, it probably isn’t every day that you’re going to wear a large piece of white translucent fabric on your head and over your face, so you want to wear it with style, confidence and a touch of panache when you walk down the aisle.

It can seem daunting, especially if you’re not usually a flamboyant dresser, so it might not be a great idea to dive into a voluminous double-tier number with all the trimmings. On the other hand, if you’re the opposite and enjoy creating a WOW! factor with your everyday attire, a very modest single-tier silk veil might not be sufficiently expressive or ostentatious.

Don’t choose a certain type of veil just because it’s currently in vogue or because the thought of it appeals to you, go for one that makes you feel, in your heart, that it was meant for you.

We Want to Help

Here at Elegance of Elena, we really want to help you and your wedding plans in any way we can, so if you’d like a chat with a member of our small but perfectly formed team, just give us a ring on 0116 462 5347, or drop us an e-mail to: info@eleganceofelena.co.uk

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