Ideas to Reduce Your Spending to Save for Your Wedding

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If there’s one thing literally everyone can agree on, it’s that weddings are ludicrously expensive! That’s why it’s essential to make sure that every penny counts when you’re saving up to tie the knot!

Here at Elegance of Elena, we’re constantly striving to help make the planning phase of your wedding as hitch-free as we can. We’re also especially mindful of the issues many couples have faced in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

With Covid causing the postponement or cancellation of countless UK weddings, many couples’ lives have just become much more expensive as they struggle to keep up with associated costs. This means they’ll have to find the extra money to pay such things as cancellation fees, so here’s our list of ways to reduce your monthly expenditure if you need to save for your Coronavirus=afflicted wedding.

First Things First

The very first thing we’d recommend you do is to write down all the essential things you spend your money on each month. You know, things like your Council Tax, Rent or Mortgage, TV Licence and Utilities etc. That’s your baseline expenditure that you can’t reduce at all.

Second of all, you’ll need to create another list for the other things you spend your money on; things that aren’t necessarily necessities, and that you may be overspending on but could possibly cut back on.

The third list is for your wedding budget. Write down absolutely everything to do with your wedding that will cost you money…and that probably means absolutely everything to do with your wedding! Calculate the total and write it down. This all may be an onerous task that you’d rather not do, but getting everything down on paper, and all at the same time, will give you an excellent perspective on the magnitude of the task ahead of you both.

To keep things positive, you could devise a mantra or a little rhyme that will remind you of your goal, something like: “All this awful sacrifice, we make so that our wedding’s nice”…or something like that anyway!

So, here are a few ideas for cutting back on your spending, starting with…

Cut Out Eating Out

We all love eating out at restaurants, but there’s no doubting the fact that it can be very expensive. If you currently visit restaurants about five times a month, it could be costing you and your partner as much as four to five hundred pounds between you.

Why not try reducing the number of occasions each month when you eat out to just one or a maximum of two? In that way, you’ll be at least halving your expenditure, not just on the meal itself, but also the cost of travelling to and from the restaurant, as well as other peripherals like drinks and tips. If you like to have a couple of glasses of wine each with your meal, it’s likely that you’ll be taking a cab in both directions, so you can see how the cost of these evenings can rack-up!

You could also subscribe to sites such as Groupon, and only eat out at restaurants where you’re given discounts. That way you’ll be making even more savings, and you’ll actually begin to enjoy the challenge of finding the best savings, and seeing the results of your efforts! Also, by doing this, the occasions when you do go out to eat become special occasions that you’ll look forward to, as opposed to just being the norm. This will happen, believe us! 

Stay-at-Home Date Nights 

Visiting the cinema can also be quite costly, especially if you’re both big film buffs. Again, if you have weekly date nights which involve going out to the cinema, the pub or even bowling, the cost-per-month can be fairly high.

Instead of spending upwards of fifty pounds a week on an evening out, try having three stay-at-home date nights and just one on which you venture out. While measures like this may seem draconian now, but keep on reciting your mantra and you’ll realise that it’s all in a very good cause!

But what should you do on these stay-at-home date nights, you may both be asking? Well, if you subscribe to streaming networks such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and NowTV you have literally thousands of tv shows and films at the touch of a button. Plus, at a cost of £5.99 and £7.99 respectively per month (NowTV has a variety of tariffs), even combined, are way less expensive even than a couple of rounds of drinks and a fraction of the price of seeing just one or two big movies at the cinema, especially when you factor in travel, popcorn and pick ‘n’ mix, too!

You could also take it in turns to cook a lovely meal or even just some nibbles to have while you’re watching your Netflix film or bingeing your Prime tv show, even making it a competition to see who prepares the most delicious feast!

Ditch that Extortionate Gym Membership

Rather than having a standard gym membership that costs an absolute fortune each month, why not devise a home workout that will cost you literally nothing? We do understand that there can be a social aspect to going to the gym, but recite your mantra a few times and you’ll realise that all this sacrifice will be worth it come your wedding day, the most amazing and important day of your entire life!

Going back to those Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions we mentioned earlier, you can let them save you even more money for your wedding. Indeed, you’ll be able to stream exercise videos such as Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred on Prime or her FitFusion video on Netflix. You’ll also find thousands of excellent fitness videos that you can use on YouTube, and all you’ll need to pay for is an exercise mat! So, cancel those memberships to expensive gyms and think of all the money you’ll save toward your dream wedding!

Switch Providers and Save

When we say switch providers, we mean switch as many different types of provider as you can in order to save yourselves some money! Now, this little job is going to take you and your partner a little bit of time as you’ll need to do some research. The companies we’re talking about provide you with utilities such as electricity and gas, as well as your internet provider, because you can always find a better offer and save money if you look hard enough.

Websites like Compare the Market, Money Supermarket and GoCompare - despite having seriously annoying ad campaigns with Welsh opera singers and fluffy Russian mongoose-like animals – do have their uses and can actually save you money on your electricity bill, gas bill and broadband bill too. That’s money that you’ll be able to put toward your forthcoming nuptials! 

Free Trials Anyone?

If you haven’t already joined streaming sites like the aforementioned Amazon Prime, Netflix and NowTV, just hold your horses, because if you’re shrewd, you could get yourself some free streamed content for the next few months! How? By taking up the free trial offers these companies usually operate to attract new customers. Also by Amazon, there’s Audible, which enables book lovers to listen to their favourite reads; another service which regularly offers 30-day free trials!

Auction ‘Ere!

So, that’s your entertainment sorted, but to save even more money, you could both earn a bundle AND declutter your home prior to the wedding, by selling all your unused items online. Yes, why not sell your unworn clothes, unwatched DVDs and unlistened-to CDs on auction sites such as Ebay, UK.Ebid.net, Swoopo.co.uk, Gumtree and BumblebeeAuctions.co.uk to name just a few? You can make literally thousands of pounds by matching the right people up with your old stuff, and that will come in very handy when it comes to paying those wedding-related bills!

Give Us a Call!

Well, we hope we’ve given you some food-for-thought with regard to saving for your wedding. If you’d like to chat with a member of our friendly little team here at Elegance of Elena, just pick up the phone and give us a call on 0116 462 5347 or e-mail us at: info@eleganceofelena.co.uk

We look forward to your call!



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