Marriage in the Time of Covid-19 Part II: Making the Best of It

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We Brits are famous the world over for our stiff top lips and never-say-die fighting spirit. Indeed, we’ve proven time and time again that if you knock us down, we’ll get right back up again and keep going ‘til the bitter end. That’s why we at Elegance of Elena know that, even if your wedding plans have currently been cast to the four winds by the Coronavirus, you’ll keep on trying to have that wedding…it’s what you do!

So, we’ve put together this little duo of blogs, to help you make the absolute most of this situation. Indeed, you may like to check out the other, as it’s all about best platforms on which to stream your wedding ceremony to your guests.

Have a Cunning Plan!

The first thing a British couple with an indomitable spirit might do is plan their wedding reception and party for a later, less likely to be in lockdown, date. One of the best things about planning something in the minutest of detail is that it tends to focus the mind on something good in the future, as opposed to feeling sad and despondent about things that are going on right now.

Don’t actually set a date, but instead, give serious thought to having your wedding at various times of the year, and in various weather conditions. That way, you’ll be totally prepared in every conceivable way for the first available opportunity, whether that’s in spring, summer autumn or winter!

Having this extra time to formulate a number of plans might even mean that your wedding, when it does happen, is actually better than it would’ve been if you’d gone with the original one! After all, the devil is in the detail, and you have plenty of time to go over every single one of them!

Stream It!

If you are going with the live streaming idea we discussed in our other blog, you could definitely do something amazing afterwards, even if restrictions are still in place.

Simply send all your guests a link to one of the video conferencing services we mentioned about, and they’ll be able to tune into your wedding ceremony and see everything that goes on!

After the service, all your guests can celebrate your wedding with a parade of honking, perfectly socially-distanced cars and whatever other vehicles they may have!

That’s right, just substitute the church or registry office for the car park, and encourage your guests to make some noise to celebrate your big occasion, and all from a safe social distance! – Take that, coronavirus!


If you are going to livestream your wedding ceremony, think about all the logistics beforehand. Here’s a little list of stuff you’ll need to do:

  • Set up the streaming account well in advance of your big day, and make sure all your guests are au fait with it, too.
  • Check if there are any limitations to the live streaming service you’ve chosen. As we outlined in our other blog, providers like Zoom have a 40-minute meeting limit, unless you opt for the paid version.
  • Ensure that your ceremony venue has a good internet signal. If it’s a bit remote and there’s no signal, there’ll be no streaming from there!
  • Make sure all your guests are familiar with their streaming device, and the microphone in particular, as you don’t want to hear what they’re saying to each other during your ceremony.
  • Ask one of your more technically-minded guests to record the whole video conference. It’ll be great to look back in years to come and see where everyone was and what they were doing throughout your wedding ceremony.
  • Have your guests to treat it as though they were physically there, so dress as they would for a wedding. This will help everyone get into the swing of things, and it will increase the jollity if you’re all meeting up later in that car park!

Get This!

For many newly-engaged couples, Covid-19 restrictions have had a seriously detrimental effect on their wedding plans and they're feeling a bit deflated and down-in-the-dumps. Fortunately, they have their Subscription Box to look forward to each month. Indeed, loads of our customers who receive them, tell us that receiving a subscription box full of wedding-related goodies has reawakened their excitement and has put them back on track with their big wedding plans! So, check them out today, we guarantee you won't regret it!

Final Thought

And here's a final idea to give you both an incentive: When you’ve achieved your dream of being married (in both the virtual and the real world), you could go one step further and change the purpose of the wedding you would have had, were it not for Covid-19, into a ceremony to renew your vows! Sound good? Then go for it!

Give Us a Call!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog and it has given you one or two ideas on how to defeat the Coronavirus. We want to help you have an amazing wedding in any way we can, so if you’d like a chat about anything wedding-related, please give us a call on 0116 624 5347 or e-mail us at: info@eleganceof-elena.co.uk

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