Petitions Force MPs to Debate Covid-19 Wedding Issue!

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This piece of news is definitely something that all couples whose wedding plans have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions will want to know! Yes, MPs are set to debate petitions in the House of Commons, relating to live events and weddings during Covid-19!

The Issue

We all know that weddings can take months and even years of extensive planning, and can run to costs of many thousands of pounds. In light of this, protestors have petitioned the government to increase the maximum number of guests authorised at wedding ceremonies.

They argue that the number of guests permitted at weddings should be calculated according to the capacity of the wedding venue, before going on to state their belief that weddings should be permitted to go ahead, provided appropriate social distancing measures are put in place and adhered to.

Big Numbers Protest!

Currently, after achieving 10,000 signatures, petitions warrant a response from the government, and after 100,000 signatures, they’re considered for debate in Parliament.

The petition Increase Number of Guests Permitted at Weddings, according to Venue Capacitygathered almost 111,000 signatures, which forced MPs to debate it and other petitions on Monday the 9th of November 2020.

The Debate

The debate was led by Petitions Committee member Elliot Colburn MP, however, MPs from all parties were invited to take part, and a Minister from the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy was set to respond on behalf of the Government. 

Viewers could tune in and watch the debate from 6pm that evening, and you can read the debate transcripts too, as they were made available shortly after it ended. And, we'll be keeping abreast of further developments as-they-happen, so keep your eyes peeled for an update!

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