Some Great Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

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If you’re one of the thousands of couples currently planning to be married, you’ll know just how horrendously expensive everything is. Sometimes it almost seems like companies inflate their prices when they realise we’re getting married, but surely that can’t be true…can it?

Here at Elegance of Elena, we’re intent upon making your wedding plans go as smoothly and as inexpensively as we possibly can, and that’s why we’ve created this list of the ten best ways to save money on your wedding, and they start with…

Doing it in a Pre-Loved Dress

Okay, it might not scream romance and you may feel it’s a bit, well, wrong, but have you considered throwing out tradition and getting married in a pre-loved wedding dress? After all, it isn’t like the dress is going to be completely worn ragged, right? Nope, these wedding dresses will have been worn once, maybe twice, if the former owner had a trial-run.

Why, in just a few minutes, we found quite a number of websites devoted to delivering both store samples and pre-loved wedding dresses, so you certainly won’t have a problem. We also have a range of extremely affordable wedding dresses, all designed by our very own Elena Liberatore, so why not take a look and gain some inspiration?

Sauce for the Gander

We don’t imagine that every man owns a suit that’s suitable to get married in, so it’s highly likely that your groom-to-be will need to acquire one especially for the occasion. Like the wedding dress, but not quite as prohibitively expensive, a morning suit or a tux won’t be cheap so, to save a small fortune, he could hire one or even go pre-loved as his lovely bride has done!

Don’t Book at Peak-Time

Getting married at a time when everybody else wants to get married is a sure-fire way to have the most expensive wedding imaginable. What time of the year is the most popular for weddings? That’s right, the summer months of June, July and August - when the weather is (usually) the best it’s going to be all year - are the most popular and therefore, the most expensive in which to get hitched!

Booking your wedding during the winter months of January, February and December can and will make an enormous difference to the price you’ll pay for, well, pretty much everything, especially the wedding venue and your honeymoon, too! Let’s face it, your guests all love you, so bringing along a winter coat, or even a pair of thermal long-johns (leggings for the lady guests!) for a December wedding really shouldn’t perturb them too much

And Don’t Do it on a Saturday Either

Why? Because everyone wants to schedule their big day for a Saturday, so venues can charge an absolute premium as they know that couples will pay it. However, if you go for a Friday, or better still, a day earlier in the week such as a Tuesday, you can literally save thousands. You’ll probably be heroes to all your invitees too, because they’ll love taking the day off work to go to what is, essentially, a bloomin’ great big party!

We don’t imagine that many bosses will be Scroogey enough to turn down a leave request for people to attend, but if they’re unable to get the day off, they can always join you later, when the band or DJ have everyone on the dance floor!

Keep Up the Excitement but Take Your Time

This may sound like an oxymoron, but even if Covid-19 restrictions have negatively impacted upon your wedding plans and you’re feeling a bit down, you must admit that preparing for a wedding remains one of the most exciting things you’ve ever done, right?

You might be sorely tempted - especially right now when you need cheering up – to step up the arrangements big time, and get everything sorted, now, now, NOW! However, we’re here to tell you that if you take your time and do your research, you’ll save a great deal of money in the long-run. Now’s the time to explore venues, to find out their rates and when they have maximum availability. Keep the excitement going by researching honeymoon destinations, because you could make savings by booking wisely, and well in advance.

Another brilliant way to keep your enthusiasm levels high, without breaking the bank, is to invest in a couples’ subscription box. These will arrive at your door every month, not just filled with goodies, but also money-saving tips and vouchers that will help you reduce the costs of loads of great wedding-related stuff!

And Speaking of Bands and DJs…

Research suggests that, after the venue and the rings (engagement and wedding), the next most expensive component of a wedding is the entertainment. Couples in the UK spend, on average, £1000 on entertainment for their wedding, so whether it’s a band, a DJ, a magician or a combination of all three, it’s a pretty hefty chunk of cash to be spending, especially if you’re trying to economise.

Here’s an idea to reduce costs in the entertainment department: Why not ask your friends and family if they:

  1. Can DJ themselves
  2. Are in a band
  3. Know of anyone who DJs
  4. Know anyone who plays in a band

If none of these questions yields any suitable candidates, you could always create either a YouTube or a Spotify playlist. Obviously, you’ll need to ensure that all the wedding favourites - Robbie, Basement Jaxx, Village People and, of course, Oops Upside Your Head – are on there, but your guests won’t care if it’s a covers band, a DJ or your selection of golden wedding tunes they’re dancing to, just as long as everybody’s enjoying themselves and having a great time!

Create Your Own Invitations

Saving money on the wedding invitations is really easy. It’s simply a case of buying some good quality card, a nice fountain pen and some lovely envelopes, and creating your own. After all, why pay someone else to write your invitations when you can do it yourself for a fraction of a fraction of the price? Depending upon the number of people you intend to invite, this could be done and out of the way in anything from a couple of hours, to a day, with none of that waiting for them to arrive and hoping they’re right.

Or, an even less expensive, eco-friendlier way to invite people to your wedding, is via email! It’s completely paperless and completely free!

Snap Up an Amateur Photographer

On the list of wedding components we mentioned earlier, the photographer comes in just slightly behind entertainment as the fourth costliest, so what can you do to reduce your spend in that department?

Well, unless one of your friends or family is a pro or semi-pro photographer, you could always approach local colleges or universities to ask if there may be a photography student who’d be interested in getting some much-needed experience.

In fact, someone we know here at Elegance of Elena did just that and managed to secure a second year PhD Photography student. The couple were really happy, as the student created a fabulous wedding photo album at an incredibly reasonable rate! You may actually be able to negotiate downward still further by allowing the student to include your pictures in their portfolio of work!

If We Knew You Were Coming…

We don’t know one person who doesn’t absolutely adore cake! It’s just one of those few things that the entire human race can agree on, but does your wedding cake really have to be a multi-tiered, all-singing, all-dancing £1000 cake work of art?

No, is the answer, so we’d heartily recommend either baking your own cake, which your guests will love you for, or simply buying one “off-the-peg” as opposed to being “made-to-measure.” You see - without all the flowers created from sugar icing and true-to-life marzipan sculptures of the bride and groom at various points in their future lives – you might be surprised at how much less expensive your wedding cake will be!


If you’re worried about the spiralling costs, and losing sleep over the unbelievable expense of your wedding, why not hop aboard a plane and hightail it out of the country to some far-flung part of the globe, just the two of you? Some people may call it eloping, while others may think of it as saving an absolute fortune and avoiding a whole load of stress!

Obviously, we at Elegance of Elena couldn’t possibly advise you to take such an unorthodox journey down the aisle, but we do admit that a nice holiday sounds wonderful right about now, especially after the year we’ve all had, right?

We’re Here to Help!

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We can’t wait to chat with you!


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