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Could artificial flowers be right for your wedding?

Posted by Angela Dewing on

Could artificial flowers be right for your wedding?   If you think fake flowers are tacky, think again. Today’s artificial flowers look better than ever and can be a much better and sometimes cheaper alternative.    Now just to make ourselves clear we’re not telling you to fill your wedding venue with plastic blooms from the pound shop (no offence); we’re referring to artificial silk flowers, but before you go cutting up your silk pyjamas to make flowers, these artificial blooms are not actually made of silk, they’re made from plastic, polyester, and other high quality, man-made materials.   Still...

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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Colour Scheme

Posted by Mark Atkinson on

Choosing the colour scheme for an entire wedding can be a little daunting, but with Elegance of Elena's help, you can be confident you'll get it just right!

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