The Dos and Don'ts of planning a Hen or Stag party

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The Dos and Don'ts of planning a Hen or Stag party

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With so much to plan for your wedding, you’d be forgiven if you forget about your hen/stag party. The beauty of this event is that you don’t have to plan it! 

That honour usually falls on your Maid of Honour or best friend and she’s probably got a good idea of what you like and don’t like.

Traditionally, a stag and hen party is either an all-male or all-female gathering where the engaged person says goodbye to singledom with plenty of shots and naughty games. If you’re not sold on all that "last night of freedom" malarkey, you can combine both parties into a STEN! Yes, it’s a real thing, more on that later but, before you get the party started, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to consider when planning a hen/stag do.




Delegate the party planning to one person

You know the saying, “too many cooks spoil the broth” it applies to hen parties too. Whoever is planning it can ask for opinions and decide who else they’d like to get involved in the planning process. Remember, it will be impossible to please everyone, so don’t bother trying.


Plan ahead

Most hen parties tend to take place during the summer months and things can get booked up fast. So whether you’re planning a spa break in the Cotswolds or a weekend in Marbella, start as soon as you can otherwise you may not make it beyond the local Premier Inn.



Speak to the bride or groom

It is their party after all and they may help with ideas or activities which will make the planning a little easier. It would be worth checking with them if there’s anything they don’t want to do (not everyone thinks strippers are a good idea!). It is their party after all. 


Consider a STEN! 

This is a brilliant way of getting all your friends together before the wedding for one epic night and it’s a great way for everyone to meet before the wedding. A mixed hen/stag party has its advantages too; a larger group can mean bigger discounts.

Decide on a guest list 

The type of hen party will influence whether mothers get an invite or not. Inviting mum and in-laws depends on the hen. If she wants to invite them, you can let them know what the night will entail and they can decide whether they want to come for half of it and leave when things get a little wilder. Alternatively, you can plan something more intimate like an afternoon tea or a trip to the theatre.


Be organised

Factor in everything from food to drink, travel to accommodation and have a rough schedule planned for the day/weekend. Also have everything arranged for the hen i.e any costumes, so all they need to do is turn up on the day. If you’re travelling abroad, let them know what clothes they need to pack and don’t forget the passport!



Ask the group what their budget is and try and stick to it. The budget will make or break your weekend. If you budget too high, people won't come but if you budget too low, not everyone will be happy with dinner at Bella Italia.


Ask the hen for money

Costs should be split between everyone in the party.


Post everything on social media

The hen may not want all their shenanigans on social media so be respectful and ask her first. 




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