Things to Think About When Choosing Wedding Shoes

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Organising your wedding can be a difficult process that demands the patience of a saint at times! For you, the blushing bride, it’s a balancing act between looking utterly gorgeous and being comfortable on the big day. As with the rest of your wedding outfit, your choice of shoe is of critical importance. After all, you want to walk down the aisle, not hobble, right?

Several things are important when choosing a wedding shoe, so we’re going to take you through them step-by-step, so there’s no confusion.

 Comfort and Heel Height

The height of the heel is one of the most important considerations when choosing a shoe for your big day. Tottering is not a good look, no matter what they say! Ideally, your shoe should have an absolute maximum 3 to 4cm platform and a 12 cm heel.

If you buy a pair with very long heels, you may find yourself having to remove them quite quickly to avoid being, erm…crippled, or at least having extremely sore tootsies!

In addition to the heels, shoes with a platform mean your feet will be comfortable throughout fairly long events like weddings. If you’re not keen on shoes with platforms, you may decide to go for some boasting a concealed platform.

Remember, if you purchase a pair of wedding shoes, you can always return them to the store or the online retailer, so try them out to your heart’s content on the carpet in your living room or hallway.

However, once they’ve been worn outdoors, it will be evident and you’ll no longer have the right to return them, so indoors only until you’re sure they’re right for you! 

The Type of Heel

While you’re out shoe shopping, sales assistants might tell you that very thin heels, sometimes called “needles” or “nail” heels, are quite safe and firm. Unfortunately long, thin heels can snap or break at the most inopportune moment, so we at Elegance of Elena recommend that you opt for medium or even thick heels, as they’re much more stable and less inclined to let you down as you walk down the aisle.  

What's the Colour?

Traditionally, brides have chosen their shoe colour to match that of their dress and the general colour scheme of the wedding. However, not all brides are the same, so if you want contrasting footwear, you GO for contrasting footwear! After all, it's YOUR wedding!

On the other hand (or foot!), if you’re a traditionalist at heart, we suggest you take a very small swatch of your dress material with you when you go shoe shopping. That way, you’ll get a nice match with no problem at all.

And don’t forget your accessories when you’re choosing wedding shoes, because if you’re keeping them simple and understated, you’ll probably want to follow suit, shoe-wise. 

 Materially Speaking

Fashions and preferences change, but the favourite materials for wedding footwear are fairly consistent and include suede, leather, lace and satin.

If your wedding is set for the winter months, you’d be advised to opt for a warm material such as suede or silk in an enclosed style such as a mule. For summertime weddings, we always advise our brides that they’ll be fine wearing shoes of satin or a satin-like material in an open mule style.

Indeed, the weather-appropriateness (or not) of your wedding shoes is an important factor to consider, as nobody wants to get cold feet on this of ALL days, in ANY sense of the word! 

 Harmonise With Your Venue

Another factor you might need to think about when deciding on the style of shoe for your wedding is the venue. This might sound a little out-there, but if you’re having an outdoor wedding, it will be worth finding out what kind of surfaces you’ll be expected to walk upon.

For example, if your wedding is taking place on a lawn or even a beach, it’s probably not a great idea to choose very high or pointy, stiletto-type heels, as you could quite easily find yourself leaving them behind, stuck in the soft surface layer!

Also, some venues can be picky about sharp, pointed heels, as they could damage their newly-refurbished ballroom flooring. It’s just something to think about. 

 Harmonise With Hubby (to be)

Being in harmony with the groom is another crucial element to consider when you’re choosing your shoes for the big day. The main thing to ask yourself is: Will my shoes/heels make me seem taller than my beau? And, Do I WANT to look taller than him?

While every couple is different, we’re not sure there would be many who would purposely answer that question in the affirmative, so it might be an idea to choose your shoes according, amongst other things, to this factor.

Obviously, wearing 12-inch heels will increase your height substantially, but equally, you don’t want him to seem like the Jolly Groom Giant when the photos are taken, so a spot of good old common sense is the order of the day. 

 Shoes Going Spare?

Like any Brownie, Guide or Beaver, it always pays dividends to “Be Prepared” because you know that, sometimes, things go wrong. Your wedding shoes are no exception, so it’s a good idea just to have a spare pair of shoes just in case.

You don’t even have to purchase a new pair of spares, because in all likelihood, they may never be needed. Just bring along something from home that vaguely matches your dress, and at least you’re covered for all eventualities. 

Timing is Everything!

It’s a very good idea to buy your wedding shoes well before your dress length becomes set in stone. If the shoe is purchased later, it could adversely affect the entire ensemble, making the dress either marginally too long or too short.

While, to some, this may be a very minor issue, to others it could represent the end of the world as we know it. Only you (and probably your groom) know which category of bride you fall under, so the choice, as with most things, is yours to make.

 Let Us Help!

We very much hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog, and that it has given you some food for thought with regard to your wedding footwear. Here at Elegance of Elena, we’re here to help you in any way we can, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with us at any point in the run-up to your big day.

You can call us on 0116 462 5347 and speak with a member of our team, or e-mail your enquiry to: info@eleganceofelena.co.uk if you’d prefer.

We also have a brilliant FAQs page that you can turn to if it’s a relatively simple question that doesn’t require a chat to resolve.



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