To veil or not to veil?

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To veil or not to veil?



You’ve said yes to the dress. The next important question is veil or no veil?


Traditionally, a veil was worn by brides to represent modesty and purity during a religious wedding ceremony. Today brides wear veils for many reasons - some love the traditional and romantic connotations about an accessory specifically meant for your wedding day, while others just love the way it can complement their overall wedding look.


Sure, Kate Middleton and Amal Clooney rocked a veil on their big day, but Princess Eugenie and Hollywood A-listers Keira Knightly and Kaley Cuoco didn’t wear one.


We get so many brides asking us what the right thing is to do but the decision is entirely yours and there are no right or wrong ‘rules' when it comes to wearing a veil.


We’ve made a list of pros and cons which, we hope will help you make a more informed decision.




  1. Search #veil and you’ll find over 1.5 million shots on Instagram of beautiful brides with their veils flowing in the wind. Veil shots make for epic and dramatic shots, so if you want variety in your wedding pics, go for a veil.
  2. Picking the right veil can act as an extension of your wedding dress but decide if you want a statement piece or a finishing touch to give your dress that extra WOW factor.
  3. A veil can be figure-flattering. It’s pinned quite high up on your head so it can appear to lengthen your torso.
  4. The big reveal when your partner lifts your veil will be a priceless and cherished moment that you two will share.
  5. There’s only one time in your life that you can wear a veil and that’s on your wedding day so think carefully about it.




  1. Factor in the cost. Veils can add anything from £30 to 300 to the cost of your outfit so you may need to consider this in your budget.
  2. Veils can be a bit of a handful on a windy day so if you’re planning an outdoor wedding or a beach wedding for that matter, make sure it’s pinned on tight and be prepared for the fact that it may become more of a pain than a pretty addition to your look. If you are having an outdoor wedding, we suggest a shorter veil.
  3. The veil may cover the back of your dress but if this is what you’re worried about, remember you don’t have to wear it for the entire day.

Before you make your decision, try a few on with your dress. Different styles can complement different dresses; A heavily embroidered veil looks best paired with a simple dress, and vice versa but you’re no less of a bride without one. 


If you’re still on the fence, consider an alternative - modern headbands, tiaras, hair vines, a floral crown, an embellished clip they will add a little wedding sparkle. Read our post about wedding hair accessories here: Hair Accessories – Elegance of Elena

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