Wedding cake alternatives

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Wedding cake alternatives

You don't need fondant and buttercream to make a statement with your wedding cake! No siree! In fact, there’s no rule that says you need to have a traditional wedding cake. If you do really really want to have one, there are a few things to consider.




Wedding cakes are expensive - we’re talking anything from £100 to £1000. The price of the cake will depend on the bake you want, the size (how many tiers), the style, finish and even the cake designer you choose. Bear in mind that you may also see a slight increase in the cost if you’re planning a weekend or summer wedding.




If you want a cake to feed all your guests in place of pudding this is something to consider because the size of your event will influence the cost of the cake. To give you a rough idea, if you’re planning on having 100 guests, your cake could cost around £400. Remember, when you’re paying for a cake, you’re also paying for the cake artist’s time and skills. 

The design


This plays a big part in the pricing. If you want something grand and gorgeous with a few layers, it’s going to be a detailed and intricate task (think handmade sugar flowers, hand-piping, stencil work). This will require more time to finish and therefore cost more. Bespoke cakes could also hike up the price. Naked wedding cakes were all the rage a few years ago and are still popular now because they involve less work which will help bring the price down.


How much should I pay?


This really depends on how much of a big deal a wedding cake is for your big day. If you’re a big fan of baking and love specific flavours, you’ll probably have an idea of the cake you want and therefore are willing to splash out on something marvellous. Similarly, if you love those romantic wedding cake shots you may want to have one but it’s not the be all and end all. That money could go on something else that’s more important to you.


If you're still unsure about having a wedding cake, think outside the ‘cake’ box and choose something that you love and that tastes delicious too! Here are a few wedding cake alternatives which could help you pick a sweet treat to delight you and your guests.



Not the kind you can get from your local supermarket, we're taking layer upon layer of different types of cheese so if you prefer savoury over sweet, this could be for you. Dress it cheesecake up with florals, pots of honey, chutney and figs and once it’s been cut, it can be transformed into a cheeseboard. Be sure you have lots of variety, stilton cheese isn't for everyone you know! 




We love the idea of a doughnut station where guests can choose which ones they’d like. Instead of a station you can stack your fave ones on a cake stand or create a mini-tower.


Cake pops

Quirky and eye-catching, cake pops are a great choice, plus they’re easy to move around and you can get them crafted to match your colour theme. 




Much like cake pops, these are easy to move and display. You can create a display on a cake stand or mix them up with other small desserts. Choose different fillings and toppings for something a.



A macaron tower looks so romantic and you can add a few of your touches including fresh flowers to give it a unique look. 



Who doesn’t love a gooey melt-in-your-mouth brownie? Order a variety of flavours and create a brownie station or stack these up on some plates for a simple treat for guests to dive into. 


Dessert bar


Why stick to one dessert? For those who have a serious sweet tooth, a dessert bar may be the best idea! Not only does it look great but it’s fun for guests too.


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