What Is a Subscription Box?

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Couples' monthly subscription box

Subscription Boxes - What Are They?

Developed as recently as 2004, the idea for the subscription box has really taken the world by storm. Indeed, they now come in all shapes and sizes, and provide customers with items they wouldn’t otherwise have considered buying, but still bring joy and delight nonetheless.

Now fast-forward to 2019 and the beginning of Elegance of Elena. We thought it was an absolutely brilliant idea and decided to add an extra special Elegance of Elena twist to the traditional subscription box. We achieved this by making it a monthly delivery and, here’s the twist, available not only to brides as with other companies, but also for grooms, for couples and for same sex couples, too!

In fact, as far as we’re aware, Elegance of Elena is the only company in the world to offer you, our customer, this wide variety of choices!

But what’s inside them?

Well, that would be telling now, wouldn’t it?

You see, a big part of the Elegance of Elena Monthly Subscription Box experience is the tantalising sense of anticipation and wonderful surprise you’ll get, both before it arrives and when turns up on your doorstep!

Without ruining that surprise, we can say that the boxes our goodies come in are, themselves, sumptuous and opulent, so you know that the contents are going to be something special!


Within your monthly subscription box, you’ll discover all manner of beautiful and useful items, sourced and designed to make your engagement and the whole the build-up to your wedding as hitch-free and as fun as it can possibly be.

Check out the images to see a selection of what you might find inside your monthly package, and rest assured in the knowledge that each contains goodies with an RRP of at least £50.00, despite the fact that you’ll pay just £29.99 for the Couples box and a trifling £25.00 for the individual Bride or Groom version! Wow!

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We’ve also developed strong working relationships with some of the biggest brands in the business, such as luxury menswear brand, Aristocracy London and many more. This enables us to afford you some excellent wedding planning tips from the experts, as well as exclusive discounts and offers you wouldn’t get anywhere else!

We Can't Wait to Hear From You!

If you’d like to find out more about Elegance of Elena Monthly Subscription Boxes, or if you’d like to subscribe right now, you can call us on 0116 462 5347 or send an e-mail to: info@eleganceofelena.co.uk 

We’d really love to hear from you, today!


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