Should the Bride and Groom Buy Gifts for Anyone?

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To add to the myriad duties, expectations and expense of the bride and groom at their wedding, it’s become tradition for them to give thank you gifts for certain members of the wedding party. So, for some guidance about who to purchase pressies for, read on.

You’re probably aware that an additional responsibility of the bride and groom is to buy wedding party gifts for family and friends that have helped with your wedding.

Traditional Recipients of Wedding Gifts

Your wedding needs to be just right for you both, which means it suits your preferences and your budget. As such, those who the bride and groom traditionally buy gifts for are the: Bride’s Mother, Bride’s Father, Maid of Honour, Bridesmaids and Best Man, but with especial emphasis being placed upon the person who escorts the blushing bride down the aisle.

These are the people who, traditionally, have been judged to have given the greatest amount of personal effort and/or financial assistance to the bride and groom in the months (and years, in the case of the parents!) preceding their big day.

If your budget isn’t astronomical, we'd suggest that you limit the recipients to just those named above, but what to buy them? Well, for the Father of the Bride, we'd recommend a classic gift such as a stunning pocket fob watch, and we think a gorgeous diamanté bracelet would be the perfect choice for her Mum! And the Best Man definitely deserves a fabulous steel watch, just for making sure the Groom didn't lose the rings!

Potential Extra Wedding Gift Recipients

On the other hand, if you have a fairly hefty budget, you may also wish to include the members of the wedding party that include your: Groom’s Mother, Groom’s Father, Groomsmen/Ushers, Flower Girls and the Matron of Honour.

The reason that purchasing gifts for the latter group has become more prevalent of late, is that traditions are changing and number of people forming the wedding party is growing. Just a few decades ago, for example, a groom in the UK would only have a best man but no groomsmen. However, more recently, it has become commonplace for grooms to have an equal number of groomsmen to his betrothed’s contingent of bridesmaids!

The simple fact is that groomsmen didn’t even exist in the UK until quite recently, with “Usher” being the nomenclature for the stout fellows who assisted the groom and his best man in the wedding preparations.

For the lovely Bridesmaids, we've thought of the perfect gift in the shape of a candle created especially for them, while Flower Girls will be over the moon with a cuddly Teddy bear, designed with them in mind!

Should We Buy Gifts for the Wedding Party Too?

The simple answer to that question is no, you absolutely do not have to present members of the wedding party with a gift each. As far as tradition goes, wedding party gifts fall under a slightly different grouping to things like the wedding dress, rings and speeches, however, it’s definitely something that represents an ideal opportunity to show all the lovely people who’ve done so much for you and your groom, just how grateful you are.

As a thoughtful gift for all the unsung members of the wedding party, why not buy them all a wonderful little keep safe with a 3 x 3 group photo of all the wedding guests inside the special photo frame lid? They'll love that and treasure the happy memories forever!

Just remember that it really is the thought that counts, so the monetary value of the gifts you give is really of little importance. This is especially the case if you’ve considered the individual likes of each recipient and given accordingly. If you’ve done that, there’s no doubt that everyone will feel special and cared-for.

One final little recommendation for all couples who like to think outside the box when it comes to wedding party gifts, our friends over at Dragonfly & Co. in Market Harborough supply some beautiful hand-made products such as incenses, wax melts, diffusers and gorgeous jewellery, so pop over there and be inspired!

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