Your Top 20 Most Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

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Here at Elegance of Elena, we really want to help your wedding run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled this big list of the top 20 questions that brides and grooms-to-be and attendees ask about weddings. So, in no particular order…

1. Should we set a dress code for our wedding?

Wedding guest attire can be quite a thorny topic, but ensuring that everyone roughly adheres to the dress code (if there is one) comes down to one very simple thing: Communication! To avoid confusion, just let your guests know exactly what you’d like them to wear well in advance of the big day.

For example, your wedding may be a fairly informal event, in which case a suit and tie will suffice. More formal weddings may require guests to don a tuxedo, formal gown or floor-length dress. Whether you set a dress code for your wedding or not is completely up to you, but either way, give people sufficient time to prepare for it.

2. Does your wedding have a theme?

Similar to the dress code above, if you’d like your guests to wear clothing with a certain theme or in the colour scheme you’ve chosen, give them ample time to create their ensembles.

After all, you don’t want a couple turning up wearing shocking pink if your theme is fluorescent yellow, or in Man Utd kits if the theme’s Liverpool FC, do you?

3. What will the weather will be like when you get married?

This is a question that out-of-town guests often ask the bride and groom prior to the event. We all know that the British weather has a mind of its own and can throw a spanner into the works of even the best prepared wedding plans, but we generally have a vague idea of what it’ll be like in our town at particular times of year.

With this in mind, you might advise them to bring a warm jacket, umbrella or even a sou’wester and some gent-sized waders if your area’s notoriously wet and windy!

4. Where are the ceremony and the reception taking place?

While some weddings use the same venue for both the ceremony and the reception, others can be miles apart.  Make certain that your guests have the addresses and postcodes (for the satnav) for each venue, and furnish them with as much information about travelling from one to the other as you possibly can.

This might involve putting together a little information pack, including a map, details of routes and transportation if necessary. Have a bit of fun compiling all this data – your guests will love you for it!

5. Will the ceremony and reception be indoors or outdoors?

As in previous questions, for this, communication is again, key. It’s very important that you inform guests whether they’ll be indoors or outdoors, so they can properly plan which shoes to wear or if they need to bring sunglasses and sunblock.

6. What’s going to happen after the ceremony?

This is something you’ll want to include, maybe in a letter or e-mail to accompany the invitation. Obviously, you’ll word it according to what is actually going on following your ceremony, but it could read something like this:

“Following the ceremony, there will be photographs near the arboretum for around one hour. Initially, it will be the wedding party, and guests will then be invited to take photographs or video. Alternatively, guests can also head straight to the reception hall, where finger foods and beverages will be served.”

Keeping your guests informed about what’s expected of them and when is really important, so if they’ll be left alone for a while between ceremony and reception, steer them towards things to do in the area.

7. Are there other wedding events I can attend?

If you’re planning any “extracurricular” wedding events such as wedding brunches, happy hours, wedding showers or stag and hen nights that guests can attend before or after the wedding, let them know well in advance to avoid having anyone feel they’re being overlooked.

You’ll have more than enough to do in the run up and on the day, without having to deal with a sulky guest who feels they’ve been left out, right?

8. What should I do if I can’t make it?

If you’re not going to be able to attend a wedding, don’t say nothing or assume you won’t be missed, because you WILL!

Therefore, if you’ve been invited and accepted, but later discover that you’re not able to make it to someone’s big day, let them know as soon as you possibly can.

If you know you won’t make it from the get-go, then RSVP with a “No,” and the bride and groom will then plan accordingly.

9. What time should I arrive?

Normally, wedding guests are asked to arrive around an hour before the ceremony is due to begin. That way, everyone’s sure to be there on time, and the big party will get started exactly on schedule!

10. Will refreshments be served at the reception? What kind of food?

It’s always a good idea to let your guests know ahead of time, whether or not food and drink will be served at the reception and, if so, what type of food it will be. For example, will there be appetisers and nibbles or a full-blown, loosen-the-pants kind of meal?

If you are serving food at the reception, it’s wise to ask if your guests have any dietary requirements. Are there vegetarians, vegans or pescatarians amongst their number, because if there are, you definitely need to know ahead of the big occasion!

11. Where should guests park and is parking free?

Like everything else logistical, don’t forget to include details of where to park, if there is a valet service, whether or not parking time is limited, and how much they should be prepared to pay, in the handy little Info Pack we mentioned earlier.

That way, if guests do need to pay for parking, at least they’ll be sure to bring along the correct change for the machine!

12. Are kids welcome at the wedding?

If you don’t mind having little ones at your wedding, and perhaps risking the ceremony being disrupted by four hungry, grizzling babies, that’s absolutely fine. But if you’d rather yours being an adult only event, you could inform your invitees with a message something like this:

“While we love your little angels, ours is to be an adult only wedding, so we’d very much appreciate it if you could make arrangements, leave them at home and celebrate until the wee small hours with us.”


“We love your little ones, however, to enable all our guests, including parents, to enjoy an evening of relaxation, we request that the ceremony and reception be just for adults.”

This can be quite an emotive issue for some, so to mitigate, you could offer assistance such as paying for child care, or even organise a local babysitter?

13. Can I take and post pictures of the wedding on my social media pages?

It’s completely up to the bride and groom to say yea or nay to this practice, but if it’s a yea, you could respond with something like:

“We would love all our guests to post pictures on social media, we only ask that you tag each photo with our wedding hashtag which is #________ so we can find them all later!”

14. When is the RSVP deadline?

Since the advent of the internet, the business of RSVP-ing has become a little blurry. Is it okay just to e-mail or are invitees expected to say yes or no by snail-mail?

Again, this comes down to communication, so simply let your prospective guests know if they can RSVP online in a note that accompanies the invitation itself.

15. May I take a souvenir of the wedding home with me?

A lot of money is squandered after weddings are over, when flower arrangements, centrepieces and other beautiful, expensive decorations (the non-reusable/sellable kind) are discarded.

So, if you’d like your guests to have a souvenir of your big day, simply let them know beforehand or even on the day itself!

16. Are you providing any accommodation for out-of-towners? Where do you recommend that we stay?

In your handy guest info pack, you could inform your guests of logistical information on local accommodation such as hotels of B&Bs, together with prices, locations and distances from the wedding venue.

Really organised brides and grooms will love putting this pack together, and guests will be very thankful for it!

17. Will transportation be provided between the hotel and the wedding venue(s)?

Make sure your guests know if any transportation will be provided to and from the wedding venues. If yours is a large wedding, you may need to book either taxis or mini buses to transport guests from hotel to venue, which may in turn require a mini timetable to be created.

Logistical issues such as this are something you’ll definitely need to consider well in advance of your wedding, so you’d better get onto it right away!

18. Where are you registered?

A bridal or wedding registry is a service provided by a website or retail outlet, that helps engaged couples let their guests know what they’d like as a wedding present. Selecting items from the store’s inventory, the couple lists products or services they’d like to receive and the store files this list with the chosen merchant.

In the aforementioned note which accompanies the wedding invitation, inform guests where you’re registered, and if you have any special requests for wedding gifts.

19. Are the ceremony and reception venues wheelchair accessible?

Another invaluable snippet of information that you can include in your Info Pack (which is probably becoming fairly hefty by this point!), to inform your guests of each venue’s level of accessibility.

20. I still have questions, what is the best way to contact you?

Your guests may still have a few questions, even after they’ve been right through this list, so let them know how best to reach you via regular e-mails in the run-up to your wedding. It definitely won’t hurt to stay in touch with your guests, and you could even send out a kind of mail-shot, to inform everyone how everything’s progressing!

Always Here to Help!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list of FAQs and that it has helped put a few of your concerns to bed. If you’d like to chat with a member of our team about anything wedding-related, simply pick up the phone and call us on 0116 462 5347 or e-mail us at: info@eleganceofelena.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!





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