Monthly Subscription Boxes

Our couples monthly subscription box is designed to help you plan your wedding, and build excitement as your big day approaches

Our boxes are available for brides, grooms and same sex couples.

Filled with goodies worth more than £50.00!

Only want the box for a few months and not the full 12, you can cancel at any time without incurring any penalty!
What you will find inside

Here at Elegance of Elena, we pride ourselves on being the first company in the UK to offer a monthly Subscription Box, delivering one-of-a-kind gifts, wedding themed goodies and planning tips for both bride and groom. You’ll also receive exclusive discounts and offers from our carefully selected partners.

How it works


In your monthly subscription box, you’ll receive stylish and exclusive, full-sized products valued at over £50.00. It’ll be delivered direct to your door, all for just £29.99 per month - and you can cancel at any time!


Every month until the big day of your wedding, you’ll receive an exciting, new Couples’ Subscription Box that will be filled to overflowing with goodies, guaranteed to inspire and spoil you and your soulmate!


Once you’ve received your Couples’ Subscription Boxes, you’ll be all set to experience the big day you’ve both dreamt of Congratulations from all of us at Elegance of Elena, and all the very best for your future!

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How the Subscription Box began...

The concept of our monthly subscription box was born out of our own experience of planning our wedding. When Covid hit, and we were forced to postpone our special day. Needless to say, we were devastated. We didn’t really know what to do so we started searching for something wedding-related to do to keep the dream alive yet couldn't find what we were looking for.

It became abundantly clear there were actually over 100,000 weddings cancelled and we were not going through this alone. With this in mind, we decided to help couples like us to get excited and have that little something to look forward to each month, until the big day finally happens!

After a huge amount of research, we realised the market had a lots of options for brides, but nothing for grooms or same sex couples, and this made us want to take some affirmative action to rectify this imbalance. We combined this newfound desire to cheer couples up, with our love for receiving packages through the post and with that, Elegance of Elena launched its very first Monthly Subscription Box!