Groom's Monthly Subscription Box

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Groom's Monthly Subscription Box


Bridal boxes are really taking off right now, so why shouldn’t the Groom-to-be experience the excitement of a Subscription Box every month, too? 


At Elegance of Elena, we hand pick the latest must-have items that every man will need in the build-up to his big day. These range from items to help him celebrate the engagement, make the most of the wedding venue and plan the all-important stag party, too! He’ll also receive male grooming (pardon the pun!) essentials, advice about speeches and tips on choosing who’s to be the best man, so there’s lots for him to get excited about! 

As with the Couples’ Monthly Subscription Box, the groom’s is packed full of genuinely useful items and exclusive discounts from some of the biggest men's brands. And, at the end of each month, a fantastic package will arrive at his door, bringing everything he needs to make his big day go without a hitch! 

Boxes are shipped on the 22nd of each month. Orders processed after the 19th of the month will be carried forward to the next month. 


Don’t forget, you can cancel your subscription any time without incurring any penalty. 

The contents of each of our boxes is guaranteed to be of a greater recommended retail price (RRP) than the cost of your monthly subscription, so you’ll have all the excitement and a bargain, too!